Your expert in wire bending

A company from Småland, Sweden with big visions, specialising in wire bending. With extensive know-how and long experience, we can assist with a wide range of projects, whether you require standard parts or need help with a project in the development phase.

Wire components have a wide range of application areas. At present we primarily work in the automotive industry, construction industry and consumer products. Our core expertise is wire bending, but we also offer tube bending, sheet metal working, assembly and other services.

Bent wire components

Wire bending is, essentially, a craft that has been carried out for generations either by hand or using simple machinery.

Modern automated production has opened up new possibilities and stretched the boundaries of wire bending applications.

There is greater scope for streamlining, automation and customisation when a craft becomes something more: a creative process where the focus is on innovation, production technology and function.

This is the art of wire bending



When modern production is teamed with high expertise and creativity, it opens up completely new possibilities for wire bending applications.